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Reel Tites And Earth Anchors

Earth Anchor™

Our fence anchors feature a sharp point, allowing for easy installation. A pipe can be used to drill the anchor into the ground, holding your tent, tree, or fence in place.

Simple-to-Use Fence & Tent Anchors

KERMCO-DEHAAI, INC., of Monroe, Iowa, offers quality fence and tent anchors that are easy to install and built to last. Our auger-type fence anchors are made with high-yield steel and painted with orange enamel. We have manufactured and distributed these anchors throughout the US since 1956. If you are interested in becoming an Earth Anchor distributor or for your nearest distributor please contact us.

Easy Installation

The point is keenly sharpened for easy installation. Simply use a pipe or bar inserted into the eye to turn the Monroe Earth Anchor into the ground. Guy-rope, wire, or cable can be used to hold the object in place. If you wish to move your Monroe Earth Anchor, simply turn it out of the ground. Our anchors are ideal for:

• Fences
• Trees
• Tents
• Swings
• Boats
• Light Airplanes
• Gate Posts
• Grain Bins & Arbors

Sizes & Specifications

• #S3–18″ Long, 1/2″ Shaft, 3 1/8″ Auger
• #3–27″Long, 1/2″ Shaft, 3 1/8″ Auger
• #3.5–32″ Long, 1/2″ Shaft, 3 5/8″ Auger
• #4–37″ Long, 9/16″ Shaft, 4″ Auger
• #6–45″ Long, 11/16″ Shaft, 6″ Auger


How do they work?

With Reel-Tites, a loose fence is no problem!  To begin, simply place one Reel-Tite on each wire in the middle of a 40-rod span of fence (1/8 mile).  Depending on the condition of your wire, you may have to shorten that distance.  If you have fairly new wire, you can go up to 80 rods (1/2) mile.

  1. The Reel-Tite attaches to the handle by inserting the round loop on the back of the Reel-Tite in the slot in the handle.  Secure with a clip pin (included with the handle).  Make sure the hole in the Reel-Tite is up (if you can see through the hole you’ve got it right)
  2. Then place the wire (barbed, rusty, smooth, high tensile; doesn’t matter as long as the wire is not too thick) between the pegs (these are sticking out from the front of the Reel-Tite; you can see them once the Reel-Tite is attached to the handle).
  3. Hold the wire against the Reel-Tite (between the pegs) and start turning clockwise (to the right).
  4. When the wire reaches desired tension, just hook the wire into one of the out-turned flange hooks on the outside of the Reel-Tite.  There are four hooks on the Reel-Tite; eight hooks per revolution, so there is a hook pretty much wherever your wire gets tight.
  5. For the bottom wire:  The handle is free to turn, so just turn the end of the handle up so that you can complete the circle without getting into the ground.
  6. Reel-Tites also make broken wire repairs quick and simple.  All you have to do is splice in a piece of wire at the break, attach a Reel-Tite two or three feet down the fence line and wind up the slack out of the splice.
  7. That is all there is too it!  When your wire gets slack in the future (all wire does with expansion and contraction, weather, etc.,) just go back and retighten.

The Equalization Principle and using Reel-Tites

A Reel-Tite placed in the middle of the span pulls the wire from both directions to equalize the tension along the line.  A fence cannot be tight in one place and loose someplace else; wind, weather, and other factors cause the wire to slack.  All you need to do is reattach the handle to tighten the wire again.  The equalization process begins again to pull the slack out of the wire.  Therefore, you can maintain your fence with Reel-Tites for the life of the wire and save 90% of your labor.

Why don’t Reel-Tites Break the Wire?

If you try to bend old or decaying wire by hand, all the pressure goes to the weakest point and the wire breaks.  In contrast, the Reel-Tite enables the wire to make a gentle, controlled bend that wraps around the 3/8” round pegs of the Reel-Tite.  Hence, the Reel-Tite never twists the wire, it reels it.


Since 1972, Kermco-DeHaai, Inc. has been providing customers the innovative product, Reel-Tite for fences. It is vitally important for farmers and ranchers to maintain barb wire fences with a cost-effective method.

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